04 Mars 2016

story begins with my son walking home at about 1 am sunday morning march 3rd 2016 cops had stopped him asking him questions at one point my son refused to answer any more of their questions officer replied that is ok you can go on your way he started heading back home with cigarette in hand cops do a u turn now slowly following my son he felt intimated by the cops following him he flicked the lit cigarette end off his cigarette and put the butt in his pocket police once again stopped my son saying he shot his cigarette on the floor ask him for i.d. at that point my son took off.(sounds like entrapment to me)
my son ran home screaming for help the cops knock at my door i answer the door this one officer aggressively steps foot in my home hand on gun im feeling very threatened at this point the first words out of his mouth i want to see i.d i asked the officer to remove his foot from the interior of my home that if wants to come in go get me a search warrant he replied he does not need one asked him several times to remove his leg from the interior of my home always refusing now things are escalating he then starts poking me in my chest i said do not touch me again he must of poked me at least 5 to 6 times or more i did use verbal profanity against this officer because feeling threatened and unsecure in my own home told my wife to call the supervisor at this point their is about 6 cops at my home plus
another 2 on the way supervisor supposedly arrive at my home i am still screaming yelling at all officers at this point then the supposedly supervisor starts yelling removes his antena stick and at this point they all rush in my home tackle me on my stairs start hitting me with their batons im talking 5 police officers wife scared and screaming my 16 year old daughter scared still thank god was filming all this oh yeah did i mention im only in my underwear when they tackled me i asked if i could get dressed no response from none of the officers at the scene we struggled outside i was defending myself scared overwhelmed anxiety set in i accidently hit officer with my elbow on his head they finally got me to the ground put me inside the car did not read me my rights in the car they brought me to the station in only my underwears must of been -10 that early morning asked for a glass of water got a no from the officer they were four officers their don't know were the others went no blanket to keep me warm and only when we got to station not right away also read me my rights i have video on the incident not very clear but listening will get your mind to what is a going on.if you want more and their is more you could contact me at 450 491 0723(st eustache police) or email me at antonio.piunno @sympatico.ca i hope i hear from you very very soon cant sleep sacred to drive car son has not gotten out since this incident happened feels threatened by our police force please begging begging you to get bak to me asap house is in mayhem thank you antonio piunno i also have pics of my inguries also went to hospital

Corp policier (SPVM, SQ, GRC, agent de la STM, etc):