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Unprofessional Police Office

06 Février 2020


If you have a list of police officers who have contravened with disrespecting their citizens, I strongly urge you to name Stephane Roch, matricule # 1735 as one of the officers who is very unprofessional and post him among the list of unprofessional officers.

When he conducted a search warrant at my house the morning of February 6, 2020, he and his co-officers were drinking coffee on my dining table. The warrant did not specify that he can do that. The warrant only specified that he had the right to search and seize my electronics, ONLY.

Also, I feel that he has gone too far with being very aggressive with my lawyer, not respecting my lawyer's law limitations. And when they analyzed my hard drive at the forensics SPVM lab, they told my lawyer that they found no evidence of wrong-doing against the allegations the victim made of uttering death threats. So this looks even more leery.

And one time there was a hearing scheduled, and my lawyer mentioned that my dossier was misplaced and that the officers had to reschedule the hearing, thereby wasting the money I paid my lawyer because they did not have those legal papers.

The fact that he has contravened his rights to use my dining table is unacceptable.

Here is the link to his profile:


Thank you,


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Corp policier (SPVM, SQ, GRC, agent de la STM, etc): 

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09 Juillet 2023

On Sunday, July 9th, 2023, the Montreal Police Department attempted to blame me for damage to a public building that they had coordinated. A window in the area where I had been authorized to practice my tennis was surgically fractured into 20000 shards using a hammer, a chisel, a glass cutter and pliers prior to my arrival. The location of the initial fracture as well as the chisel mark are clearly evident in the attached photographs. This was done in such a manner that any movement, a strong wind gust or even opening the window would cause the pane to shatter.
Upon observing that I had been playing in the area, the school administration had probably been asked to report vandalism on the following day and to accuse me of perpetrating the act.
When I arrived, the municipal security had been awaiting my arrival upon the scene. The agent politely apologized for impeding me with a vehicle and left.
I accidentally discovered the fractured pane when my less-than-30-gram rubber ball (about as heavy as six grapes) pierced the lower right-hand section of the glass at low velocity and rebounded elastically off of the inner pane. This induced the broken glass above to collapse both inward and outward due to the force of gravity, producing a hole that was approximately 12 times larger than the entry and exit position of the ball.
The intentions of the police department were foiled as I decided to expose the damage myself. I waited for the municipal security to return and advised the agent that my ball had pierced what appeared to be a previously fractured window. I asked for the events to be reported, the damage to be photographed and offered to pay for the replacement of the window as I had brought attention to the damage. The agent contacted her supervisor and advised me that the police department was required to handle the situation.
After 20 minutes, four police officers arrived. They somehow already were aware of my name, my identity, specific details about me as well as about my family. I had not disclosed any of this information nor had I previously encountered these individuals.
I showed them the damage as well as the blunt impact, which was located approximately 50 centimeters away from where my ball pierced the glass. I asked them to document what had transpired. The delegated spokesperson said that there is no need for an arrest or for a police report. I agreed that there was no person to arrest. However, I strongly believed that a police report was in order. The spokesperson said that so long as I paid for the replacement and ceased using the area to practice my tennis, there was nothing to report. The municipal security, however, promised me that she would file a report and send it to me. Unfortunately, I did not receive it.
I continued to practice my tennis elsewhere. The soft rubber ball that pierced the window (attached photograph) broke after less than 5 minutes at approximately 4:35 PM.
I later returned to the scene with witnesses and photographed and videotaped the area and the damage for further analysis. The perpetrators erred by not destroying the area where the initial blunt fracture had occurred.
I noted the names of the police officers. However, I see no reason to disclose them as the officers were acting upon the orders of their superiors. They were polite and friendly. However, the ongoing machinations of the SPVM that have persisted for 18 months in order to defame, discredit and harass me are unacceptable, extremely childish and highly illegal. Using public resources to perpetrate vandalism and to harass law-abiding citizens constitutes a clear breach of public trust and this should stop immediately, especially since there is now material evidence of wrongdoing.

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Tentative de meurtre

11 Juin 2023

Bien que la justice a en pris un coup et victime depuis des années de divers harcèlement policier et même a plusieurs reprises de chercher à s’en prendre à la vie et aillant détruit nos vies. Je n’aurais jamais crue que le système était si bas. Le 11 juin et sachez qu’après plusieurs plaintes avec preuves et même des blessures corporelles. L’inévitable est arrivé. Je joins quelques blessures. On a essayé de nous tué en provoquant un incendie. Événement alimenté par la sûreté du Québec tout en manipulation d’une population sous des mensonges fabriqués de pédophilie a cause que je suis témoin de crimes policiers. Le pire est que les policiers à l’enquête savent qui a essayé de nous faire cuire j’ai la vidéo de l’individu et rien est fait. Vous comprendrez que je vais vous faire suite à cette divulgation. De l’aide, de la justice… j’ai cogner à tout les portes. Les policiers font de qu’ils veulent avec nous. Voilà la justice québécoise

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Corp policier (SPVM, SQ, GRC, agent de la STM, etc): 

Constat d'Infraction - Stationnement

05 Février 2022

Agent Plamondon me colle un constat d'infraction pour stationnement oblique.

Comme on peut voir par la photo que j'ai prise, qq moments après avoir vu la contravention, je me demande pourquoi la contravention puisque je suis stationné tout droit. Et de plus, son commentaire de devoir contourner mon véhicule quand ma rue mesure 40 pieds de large.
En tout cas, le pire c'est le jugement de la juge qui me trouve coupable parce que selon elle il n'y a pas assez de neige a son gout pour une tel journée. De plus elle raconte voir à peine de la neige, et de toute façon selon elle je ne suis pas stationner tout a fait droit. On aperçois le véhicule devant moi stationné après le paneau d'arret, mais lui le policier ne lui a pas remis un constat d'infraction. Et pour tant c'est contre le code routier. Go figure! Depuis 3 ans les policiers du PDQ27 s'ammuse à me coller des contraventions POUR STATIONNEMENT complètement abusive et surtout en racontrant de la bullshit. J'ai l'enregistrement de la juge qui raconte ses oui dires. Franchement si on dois se pencher sur ce genre de juge qui n'a pas la capacité de dire la vérité, ni de décrire avec précision les détails de la photo, on n'est dans la merde. Et tout ca ces déroulé après mon audiance parcequ'elle avait besoin d'y réfléchir. Cette journée la, j'apprends de mon avocate que la juge n'est pas de bonnehumeur parce que son tour de role est trop chargé. Vive le FAIR TRIAL. En passant le nom de la juge est Nathalie Haccounn. Si vous voulez l'entendre se mettre les pieds dans les plats, il me fera plaisir de vous remettre son discour lamentable. Sans commentaire pour le procureur qui lui aussi semblait pas trop savoir comment me faire chanter. Anyways, NOTICE OF APPEAL!!!!!!!! Damn right. Ce n'est pas pour les $51 qu'elle a eu la clémance de me porter, mais c'est surtout pour dénoncer les jugements faite sans notre présence.

Corp policier (SPVM, SQ, GRC, agent de la STM, etc): 

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Criminal Elements within the Montreal Police Department

12 Novembre 2021

On the 12th of November, 2021, I became a serial victim of police corruption subsequent to requesting protection from the Service Policiere de la Ville de Montreal from a relative who had been under my care and was experiencing an episode of intense mania. These episodes occurred approximately once every three or four days. I informed the emergency response service that my relative had become so violent after falsely accusing me of stealing her money that I could not leave the confines of my office. The events were properly recorded using my portable phone.

I have been operating a federally-incorporated business and caring for two of my relatives for 18 years by providing financial, legal and consultative medical assistance. In 2011, one of my relatives passed away due to a Parkinson-like neurodegenerative disease. The other was experiencing symptoms of mild cognitive impairment, which had progressed towards mild dementia. In addition, my relative showed distinct symptoms of bipolarity, suffering periodic attacks of mania and dysthymic depression as well as obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The local police department dispatched two police officers, Caroline Trottier (Matricule 6158) and Hugues St-Pierre Lussier (Matricule 6449), to the scene. Rather than addressing the delirious state of the relative under my care, they immediately became obsessed with the density of objects in my 3-by-4-meter office, which I also used as a bedroom, dining area, closet and workspace for assembling computers and stringing racquets.

After inspecting our pantry and our refrigerator and asking me to discard about two dozen containers that I used for storage or reusable dishes, they invited a third police officer, Javier Cortes (Matricule 5115), posing as a social worker, to the scene. Sergeant Caroline Trottier insisted that any individual who stores food and provisions lasting more than a day, who owns more than one or two tennis racquets, who does not wash his clothing daily must be a mentally ill hoarder.

After I described my relative’s condition, Cortes asked me a question about the manner in which I use my workspace. He, then, declared me to be severely mentally ill and requested that I accompany him to the hospital for further examination and clarification regarding my mental stability.

I, evidently, refused and Agent Cortes departed. The two remaining officers, then, decided to resort to force in order to evict me from my private office. They threatened to beat and assault and handcuff me in the event that I would not accompany them away from the premises. As my relative is the executor of the estate of the deceased owner and I paid the expenses by virtue of an informal agreement, I requested that permission be granted for me to maintain my private office for two weeks in order to reestablish my office and to acquire appropriate provisions for my daily activities. It was granted by the executor. However, the police officer advised my relative that she would be imprisoned for 60 days in a unisex prison where men and women shared the same bathing facilities in the event that she did not expel me. I called the bluff of the police officers and told them that they could do as they pleased with my relative. Unfortunately, my relative believed them and said that she did not want to go to prison.

Sergeant Caroline Trottier insisted that the police department was obliged to remove me because there was a conflict. I replied that I had not been involved in any conflict as the door separating my office from the apartment had been barred for four and a half hours prior to the arrival of the police officers. Officer Lussier asked me to undress before him, which I refused to do.

Nonetheless, the officers arranged to make me appear to be an extremely violent and dangerous person. They brought three additional 180 lb officers to expel a pacifist doctor who weighed less than 130 lbs from his workplace because I stored medical and scientific literature on the floor. In addition, they filed a fraudulent report (N/Dossier : 21-2210) claiming that my relative’s behavior was triggered by a decision on my part to enter the apartment wearing shoes. The report also makes the outrageous and surreal claim that I have an uncanny ability to tolerate foul odors, even though such odors could not have persisted in a well-ventilated room.

The police officers advised me that if I would come within 100 meters of the building, I would be arrested. They also deactivated the phone line so that I would not be able to contact my relative. Fortunately, I was able to contact my relative via e-mail with what turned out to be the last drops of charge in the device and, upon convincing her that there were no unisex prisons in Canada, I was allowed to return to my office, two days later.

I contacted the civilian authority, la Service de Deontologie Policiere, in order to demand an apology from the police officers and to ask that the lies that had been written about me be removed from the public record. As noted in the sequel, this turned out to be a significant error. In addition to the transcript of the emergency call, I furnished the commissioner with a recording in which I condemned a violent resolution to the matter and explained to my relative that I would be left with no choice other than to ask for police intervention if I continued to be imprisoned in my office. In addition, samples of my relative’s demonic and irrational monologues were provided. I also furnished photographic and testimonial evidence that the entire contents of my office, excluding the desks and furniture, did not even fill the cargo of an SUV. The latter is easily confirmed as any major movement of possessions from the building must be logged by the building’s administration and the service elevator must be reserved at a cost of $95 to the individual requesting the service.

The police commissioner, Melanie Hilinger, and her assistant, Hélène Tremblay, replied that I failed to provide any evidence that the description in the police report was inaccurate, in other words that I am a mentally ill hoarder that was involved in a physical struggle with my relative. In particular, she claimed that the evidence that I presented minimized the description of the police officers’ account, which is, in their opinion, the indisputably accurate and unassailable account of what had transpired.

The commissioner pretended not to be knowledgeable enough to deduce that the notion of an individual barricaded in a closet-sized room asking for protection from the police precludes the possibility that that person is violent and dangerous. A violent and disturbed individual would be disposed to using violence to resolve the situation and would be too paranoid to request police intervention. Moreover, the police officer who wrote the report demonstrated an apparent ignorance of physics and physiology as even if the odors described could remain in an air-circulated room indefinitely, a human being with normal olfactory perception would take flight of the conditions described in very short order.

I was personally appalled to discover that the municipal police department is not subject to the democratic principles enshrined in our constitution. The police officers in question conducted themselves like mercenaries operating out of a third-world country with no qualm of being barred from the ongoing practice of their profession. They violated the civil code and committed fraud and defamation even after I willingly agreed to abdicate my office space within a reasonable period of time.

The reason why I am contacting you is because I strongly believe that the SPVM and the civilian authority should be exposed for uprooting the democratic values and structure of society. If police officers can make such defamatory claims about a 128-pound doctor, there is no limit to their capacity to incriminate and brutally injure innocent civilians.

I would like to expose the individuals in question in the academic literature and the popular media and to eventually file criminal charges against the offending police officers and to seek sanctions against the police commissioner who is, undoubtedly, paid to justify the illegal activities of the police department.

Rather than accepting my olive branch, the commissioner in conjunction with the police department began monitoring my e-mail communications and engaged the services of a well-known Senegalese extortionist based in France to threaten me with SPAM e-mail messages accusing me of perpetrating a series of cybercrimes. As I had carbon-copied my requests to the police commissioner to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and particularly to Brenda Lucki, the expeditor of the message was purported to be none other than Brenda Lucki representing the RCMP informing me that my arrest was imminent.

These e-mails were dispatched on several occasions within a day or two following numerous communications to my colleagues describing my forceful and illegal eviction from my office space and began about one month after I transmitted my final request for a resolution to the Service de Deontologie Policiere. The e-mails were aggressive, leveraging numerous public e-mail handles, which easily broke through the most aggressive firewall and junk e-mail settings. More recently, after I communicated to colleagues that it appeared that my outbound messages were being monitored, the nature of the SPAM suddenly changed and increased in frequency. The malevolent parties began dispatching polymorphic e-mail transmissions containing dangerous payloads. The signature was identical as the messages easily evaded detection as SPAM and were formulated in a manner that flaunted the fact that my internet activity was being monitored. Bylines mimicked e-mail messages that I had received as well as the targets of my internet activity.

During the month of April 2023, a Sri Lankan man (appearing in the attached photograph) was hired to follow me using information contained in my e-mail messages as well as the coordinates of my mobile devices. I miraculously encountered the individual 7 times in a fortnight until I realized that I would be required to use more discretion in my e-mail communication and I stopped carrying mobile devices.

At about the same time, the night security guard in my building was paid to place my apartment at negative pressure with respect to the rest of the building, thereby allowing poisonous odorless fumes to enter the premises from approximately midnight until 5 AM for about one week beginning on Wednesday night, excluding the weekend. The first morning, I awoke with a bad taste in my mouth following some allergic reactions. However, by Tuesday, I was required to open the window in order to breathe. I realized that this was the case as the usually very friendly and talkative night watchman became extremely defensive and refused to speak to me beginning one day before the attacks on the ventilation system.

On May 4th, I dispatched this detailed description of these events to several academic colleagues and journalists in preparation for dissemination in the public literature. Very shortly thereafter, the e-mail attacks, stalking and biological terrorism stopped simultaneously and abruptly. However, the monitoring of my internet activity surely is ongoing.

I am truly appalled that criminal elements have infiltrated the highest echelons of the local police department and that the civilian protector in the province of Quebec is anything but that. My democratic freedoms have been curtailed because I requested the protection of the Montreal Police Department from physical violence. The police department framed me once and are liable to use criminal means in order to frame me again. We supposedly live in a democracy; yet, the institutions that serve to enforce the law possess the capacity and motivation to flagrantly and abusively violate the civil and criminal codes.
Together, we can make a difference in rooting corrupt police officers with connections to organized crime, whom I hope represent a minority of the police force, out of the system and helping to restore civility and democratic order. I would be delighted to hear your suggestions and recommendations as to how I may use my reputation as a very balanced and gentle citizen in order to achieve this objective. The Montreal Police Department should be given cause to think twice about using these and other tactics with impunity in the future.

Ville où l'événement s'est produit: 

Corp policier (SPVM, SQ, GRC, agent de la STM, etc): 

Matricule du policier (séparer les numéros par des VIRGULES s'il y en a plusieurs): 

Nom du policiers (séparer par des VIRGULES s'il y en a plusieurs): 

Un vieux de la vieille… toujours cette injustice

12 Mai 2023

Suite à de fausse allégation policière.. le même mensonge que 2006 dans le but de cacher la vérité… La sûreté du Québec a fabriqué un crime à partir du texte de lois général dans le but de mettre notre sécurité et crédibilité en danger. Depuis 17 ans de harcèlement.. la première agression avec blessure est arrivé. Nous sommes seul contre cette armée de menteurs manipulateurs d opinions. Comment demander de l aide qui n arrivera jamais et eux nous terrorisent sur la route un diabétique avec des problèmes de cœur. Non … je ne suis pas un maniaque… je suis une victime de plusieurs côté. Moi et ma femme avons tous perdu et maintenant l histoire continue pour nous détruire complètement.J ai été blessé… rien à été fait… la police ici à le contrôle de plusieurs opinions. Qui peux aider personne… un bonhomme à la rue sans aide et sans compassion avec sa femme et ses deux chiens. J ai Deja’s cogner a plusieurs portes et la réponse… nous ne pouvons rien faire…

Corp policier (SPVM, SQ, GRC, agent de la STM, etc): 

Rappel que Marc-André St-Amant, acquitté de brutalité policière, continue d'intimider la population de Trois-Rivières

25 Mai 2023

Ses collègues n'aiment pas que j'aie aussi porté plainte contre lui pour brutalité policière.


Portez plainte contre lui pour brutalité policière.

Ville où l'événement s'est produit: 

Corp policier (SPVM, SQ, GRC, agent de la STM, etc): 

Matricule du policier (séparer les numéros par des VIRGULES s'il y en a plusieurs): 

Nom du policiers (séparer par des VIRGULES s'il y en a plusieurs): 

Matricule 1047 est dominée par ces collègues de travail masculin

25 Mai 2023

Un homme me harcèle depuis des mois, dont aujourd'hui.

Le policier au poste me dit qu'il n'y a personne pour prendre ma plainte et que je dois me rendre à mon domicile, à proximité de l'homme qui me harcèle.

Je rentre à la maison j'appelle.

Le matricule 1047 m'explique que ce n'est pas une urgence,

**même si les policiers ont dit à mon harceleur d'arrêter de me contacter à plusieurs reprises**

Je raccroche. (Pour ne pas déranger la ligne d'urgence)

Les policiers l'ont rencontré à plusieurs reprises et à chaque fois, ils prennent la défense de mon harceleur,

Je n'ai plus confiance à la sécurité publique de Trois-Rivières et j'ai peur pour ma vie, puisqu'un homme peut me harceler sans conséquence

Les policiers ne VEULENT rien faire,

Ils peuvent intervenir, c'est délibéré de leur part.

Ps : Voici une photo de mon harceleur que j'ai prise à la télévision, il est une figure publique.


Ville où l'événement s'est produit: 

Corp policier (SPVM, SQ, GRC, agent de la STM, etc): 

Matricule du policier (séparer les numéros par des VIRGULES s'il y en a plusieurs): 

Victime de torture et de traitements cruels et inhumains

24 Mars 2023

Il y a 30 ans, un fonctionnaire de la CSST Robert Boulerice a falsifié mon diagnostic médical, ce crime m'a rendu invalide à vie. Ce crime d'État fut même exposé publiquement par l'émission Enjeux de Radio-Canada intitulé : ''Expertises Inc'' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LST8tKkq49w
Nos corps policiers corrompus, au service des bandits du ministère du travail du Québec (ainsi que le DPCP) ont des orgasmes à protéger le minable criminel corrompu Boulerice, La police c'est de la vulgaire prostitution, surtout les truands de la Police de Laval (dirigé par le bandit Pierre Brochet qui adore servir et protéger les criminels qui ''oeuvrent'' pour l'État bandit du Québec, ainsi que les crosseurs de la Sûreté du Québec (une police corrompue sous influence des truands du ministère de la Sécurité publique.

Puis, deux médecins crosseurs de la CSST et du BÉM, les docteurs Paul Mailhot orthopédiste et le truand Dr. Louis E. Roy neurologue ont produit des fausses expertises médicales, évidemment le bandit Me Jean Boulet en a des orgasmes, il adore détruire des vies par des crimes violents et crapuleux.
Ces deux fausses expertises médicales furent d'ailleurs renversées et infirmées par la CSST : https://www.jeangodbout.ca/csst/conciliation.html Donc, les expertises étaient frauduleuses et mon médecin traitant avait raison, les crosseurs de la CSST l'admettent ... !

Puis, mon employeur le bandit Louis Tardif, président de Performance L.T. Inc a admit avoir violer la loi, en effet ce sale criminel a avoué sous serment devant un Tribunal du Collège des médecins du Québec qu'il m'a fait travailler, pendant deux mois, avec des poids allant de 75 à 125 livres....
la preuve est ici : https://www.jeangodbout.ca/csst/serge-morin-temoigne-cmq.html

Ho boy, la loi est claire, la limite légale est de 55 livres. Le hic c'est que la preuve médicale démontre que j'avais une double hernie rupturée (ou fissurée) une urgence chirurgicale. Il y a admission de crime de la part de mon boss, pourtant le policier complice criminel et corrompu, le sale David Tardif lieutenant détective jouit `;a protéger mon employeur, ce policier est un minable truand, un sale, un bandit , une pute prostituée et pourtant Me Hélène Tremblay, une minable corrompue de Commissaire à la déontologie policière elle jouit de la violence du crime qui m'a rendu invalide à vie, la prostitution c'est aussi cette avocate criminelle et corrompue qui adore détruire des vies par la fraude et des crimes violents et crapuleux.

Notre bandit policier corrompu Tardif prétends que j'ai porté plainte contre ''Performance L.T. Inc'' c'est du délire d'un bandit qui sert et protège les crimes et fraudes de la CSST, de fait j'ai porté plainte contre Louis Tardif car c'est lui qui a décidé et ordonner de me faire travailler avec des pièces de 75 à 125 livres, il voulait me mettre dehors, comme il ne pouvait pas légalement le faire, il a décidé de m’écœurer en me faisant soulever ces lourds poids, ce qui m'a rendu invalide à vie et Pierre Brochet chef de la Police de Laval en a des orgasmes, le sale, il adore détruire des vies et protéger son boss le gouvernement du Québec, la prostitution policière c'est ça, c'est la truande de la Police de Laval.

Ne cherchez pas la justice au Québec, le système est sale, criminel et prostitué à l'os, ceux qui sont supposés nous protéger sont les même truands qui violent les lois et méprisent les Droits fondamentaux, vive le crime, vive le bandit David Tardif et sa complice criminelle Me Hélène Tremblay avocate corrompue au service du crime organisé des truands du Commissaire à la déontologie policière, vive le crime, vive la destruction de la vie humaine par des bandits au service des 125 dépravés et criminels membres en règle du crime organisé de l'Assemblée nationale du Québec, le royaume de la criminalité et de la prostitution.

Me Mélanie Hillinger doit jouir en hostie de voir que la CSST m'a criminellement rendu invalide à vie il y a trente ans. Vive le crime vive la corruption, vive la collusion et la corruption Me Mélanie Hillinger chef des crimes violents et crapuleux de l'État bandit du Québec.

Jean Godbout
Criminellement rendu invalide à vie et voler de mes droits par une police criminelle et corrompue appuyé par une avocate criminelle et corrompue du Commissaire à la prostitution policière du Québec.

Ville où l'événement s'est produit: 

Corp policier (SPVM, SQ, GRC, agent de la STM, etc): 

Matricule du policier (séparer les numéros par des VIRGULES s'il y en a plusieurs): 

Nom du policiers (séparer par des VIRGULES s'il y en a plusieurs): 

Les policiers vont vous humilier si vous les aidez

08 Février 2023

Voici le rapport de Police que j’ai reçu pour contester mon ticket. (Je me suis fait arrêter pour avoir été témoin d’un vol et de l’avoir dénoncé à la Police)

Premièrement, il ment sur divers sujets, comme quoi j’aurais appelé le 911 huit fois, ce qui est faux, la majorité de mes appels étaient à leur ligne d’information au 819 691-2929 poste 6. Autrement dit, je les ai appelé directement à leur poste la plupart du temps et non au 911.

Deuxièmement, remarquez qu’il utilise à répétition les termes « propos incohérents » sans en dire davantage, comme si ce que je disais était incompréhensible. Je ne marmonnais pas, je leur expliquais que j’étais témoin d’un vol, et que l’homme en question me l’a avoué, et qu’il a été agressif envers moi pour l’avoir questionné sur son vol.

Troisièmement, la prétention de me traiter de troublée mentalement. Même un médecin ne pourrait vous diagnostiquer en une conversation. Ça ne veut rien dire, autre qu’il perçoit ma peur comme un handicap psychologique. Tout pour me faire paraitre comme une folle alliée psychotique.

Quatrièmement, tout le reste est monté de toute pièce. Comme que je « m’identifie en tant qu’Annie », ce qui est faux encore, Annie est mon nom de naissance.

Cinquièmement, je suis journaliste indépendante, qu’il aille au Diable.

Je crain que même quand je vais aller faire contester mon ticket, il en profite pour me dénigrer davantage, sachant qu’il n’aura pas de conséquence.

Tout ce que j’ai entendu de leurs conversations privées lors de mon arrestation, lui et son collègue, est la phrase suivante : « Le gars n’a volé que la moitié de ce qu’il dit que le gars a volé. » et ensuite ils ont éclaté de rire.

Les policiers n’ont pas arrêté le voleur qui leur a avoué le crime qu’il commit. Cependant, les policiers m’ont arrêté pour avoir dénoncé ce voleur.

Ville où l'événement s'est produit: 

Corp policier (SPVM, SQ, GRC, agent de la STM, etc): 

Matricule du policier (séparer les numéros par des VIRGULES s'il y en a plusieurs): 

Nom du policiers (séparer par des VIRGULES s'il y en a plusieurs): 

Fichier(s) en lien avec l'événement: