Jury Awards $37 Million To Family Of Korryn Gaines, Woman Killed By Police In 2016

The family of Korryn Gaines, a young woman shot and killed by a Baltimore County police officer in 2016, has been awarded $37 million after a jury ruled Friday that the officer’s actions were improper.

Police say Gaines, 23, raised a shotgun into the firing position during what had turned into six-hour standoff, and that Officer Royce Ruby’s actions were therefore justified. Ruby fired a bullet that killed Gaines and wounded her son, Kodi, who was 5 at the time.

Kodi was awarded $32 million in Friday’s judgment, according to WBAL. Gaines’ daughter, Karsyn Courtney, was awarded $4.5 million. Her father and mother each received $300,000, and the Gaines estate was awarded an additional $300,000.

The all-female jury of six reached its verdict after three hours of deliberations. None of the money awarded was for punitive damages.

Gaines’ family welcomed the verdict as a victory for the broader community.


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