Family of Fergus man killed in police shooting speaks out

FERGUS – The family of Mathias Bunyan, the 31-year-old Fergus man shot and killed by Wellington OPP on Aug. 15, has been left in the dark about what transpired on that fateful Sunday.

“I was outside with my daughter, my sister phoned me around 4:30 that afternoon, on Sunday, she was hysterically crying,” Rachel Labrie told the Advertiser in an Aug. 24 phone interview.

Rachel’s sister, Alysha Bunyan, had been sent a link to the private Facebook page Fergus Elora Community News.

“So, I opened it and started reading all these comments, all these nasty things and I just got this sick feeling in my stomach,” Alysha said.

“It was his address, it was just the things that transpired within the week with him being put into the hospital … I don’t know how to explain it, it was just this feeling,” she recounted.


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