Judge denies injunction that would have stopped screening of Calgary police brutality documentary

A Calgary police constable's emergency injunction to stop a documentary on police brutality from airing has been denied.

Filmmaker Marc Serpa Francoeur said he and co-director Robinder Uppal were pleased to hear the injunction was rejected.

"Obviously, we feel the allegations are 100 per cent baseless," he said, shortly after the decision by a Court of Queen's Bench judge in Calgary on Tuesday afternoon.

Const. Chris Harris alleged Lost Time Media, the production company behind feature-length documentary No Visible Trauma, edited an audio clip from a mic tied to his car's video system to make it seem as if he was instructing a recruit to cover up an instance of police violence. Harris is also suing the film's production company for defamation.

Francoeur says he and Uppal stand by how the incident is shown in the film.

CBC News has reached out to Harris's representation for comment.


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