Mother outraged that police officer charged with assaulting her son is not suspended

The mother of an 11-year-old says she's furious that a Rama Police Service officer charged by Ontario Provincial Police with assaulting the boy is still on duty,

"Do you know what it does to an 11-year-old boy when he sees him?" the mother said in a phone interview.

Her son is a minor and an alleged victim in a case before the courts, so CBC Toronto has chosen not to identify her or the child.

The mother, from Rama First Nation, about 150 kilometres north of Toronto, said her son "isn't free to leave the house without the fear of running into this officer."

Although the mother would like to see the officer suspended, he's currently still working with the force. Rama's police Chief John Domm said that in October, he chose to refer the matter to the professional standards bureau of the OPP, which laid the charge earlier this month.


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