THIS IS AN INVitation to a powerful collective action; block cop city | ATL | Nov. 10-13, 2023

This November, opponents of Cop City will gather in the South River Forest for a mass nonviolent direct action.

For two years, a grassroots movement has delayed work on Cop City in Atlanta, Georgia. But now construction is set to begin.

Over a hundred thousand local residents have signed a petition for a referendum on Cop City, which would allow the people of Atlanta to decide the project's fate through a popular vote.

However, for now the city administration refuses to even count the petition signatures—stalling with bad faith legal runarounds. If it is able to clear these hurdles, the referendum will be on the ballot in the upcoming elections this March. Without a legal order to halt construction, whatever happens at the ballot box will be too late.

It is useless to wait. With our future on the line and the whole world watching, we’ll take a stand to bend the course of history. If the city government does not halt construction in order to listen to the people, then we will simply have to do it ourselves: a People's Stop Work Order.


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