First Nations advocate accuses Winnipeg police of mistreating suicidal woman in bridge incident

An Indigenous woman was mistreated by Winnipeg police during a mental health crisis earlier this week, an organization representing First Nations people in southern Manitoba says, and they are asking for a full investigation.

The Southern Chiefs Organization alleges two women were driving on the Redwood Bridge on Monday afternoon when they saw a woman in obvious distress, the group said in a release. She had a noose around her neck and looked as though she was preparing to jump off the bridge.

The women, Jasmine Smith and her colleague, Angela Desrosiers, stopped on the bridge to help the woman, as they are trained in trauma-informed care. They also called 911 for help.

As Smith and Desrosiers were talking the woman down and offering support, Winnipeg police arrived. SCO says the officers began "swearing at and berating the woman," and she ended up jumping off the bridge.


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