Black girl handcuffed by police in Ontario at age 6 awarded $35K in damages by rights tribunal

The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has awarded $35,000 in damages to a young Black child handcuffed by police at an elementary school in Ontario's Peel region when she was six years old.

The decision comes approximately one year after the tribunal ruled that Peel police used "racially discriminatory" force against the girl and that the actions of the two Peel police officers constituted a "very serious" breach of her human rights.

"I am happy this rather lengthy and difficult chapter is finally over," the child's mother and litigation guardian was quoted as saying in a news release from the Human Rights Legal Support Centre Thursday.

"I can now focus on what lies ahead, which is making my daughter whole. This decision gives my community hope where we often feel there's no recourse."

CBC News first reported on the case three years ago and did not identify the family or school where the 2016 incident took place to protect the child's identity.


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