New West Police Board asked to review street check, detention policies over racial profiling complaint

The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner has told the New Westminster Police Board to take "further action," following a complaint of alleged racial-profiling by two New Westminster Police Department officers.

In a letter to New Westminster Mayor and Police Board chair Jonathon Coté, the commissioner's office recommends a "consultant, expert, or organization independent of the NWPD" be brought in to review police department policies on investigative detentions and street checks.

The correspondence comes comes four months after Douglas College instructor Jovian Radheshwar alleges he was racially profiled by the NWPD when he was stopped without adequate justification.

"I feel vindicated," said Radheshwar, 41. "I'm also feeling intimidated because it's definitely a baby step in the direction of police accountability."


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