Could an RCMP cousin have done anything about the Nova Scotia gunman’s alleged violence, crimes?

It’s been nearly six months since the horrific killing spree that left 22 people dead in Nova Scotia, and while the RCMP investigation continues, so does speculation on whether the attack could have been prevented.

Police documents released last month revealed that the gunman had a cousin in the RCMP, who claims to have known Gabriel Wortman beat up his father and had a private life as “almost a career criminal” who never got caught.

That cousin also told police he “knew Gabriel Wortman was capable of killing someone,” but never thought he would go on a rampage.

A criminologist, however, says it’s unlikely or impossible this relative — duty-bound to preserve peace and prevent crime — could have done anything to change Wortman’s trajectory, despite his knowledge of Wortman’s alleged violence and illegal activity.


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