Indigenous youth wonder: who is policing First Nations’ police?

Dallas Porter said the Six Nations Police Service officer grabbed him and slammed him onto the ground. Suddenly, the teen’s life was in peril.

The survivor of a past suicide attempt, Porter, 19, requires a tracheostomy tube to breathe. If it shifts or becomes blocked it could obstruct his airway, causing him to suffocate. It’s critical that he avoid lying on his stomach — precisely what he says he was forced to do by police.

“Six Nations Police smashed my face into the ground multiple times,” Porter said in a written summary of the incident, prepared for the Six Nations Confederacy Council. “After the police slammed me into the floor I was then stood up and slammed into the wall.”

Porter said his ordeal began with an Oct. 9, 2019, raid of an alleged cannabis dispensary on Six Nations of the Grand River territory. During the incident, Porter and four other young men — who all live on Six Nations — allege at least six officers used unjustified force while arresting them on cannabis charges.


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