Use of firearms is RCMP's most common recorded intervention tactic, report shows

RCMP officers have pointed guns at individuals more than 5,000 times over the past three years.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police today released a use-of-force breakdown that shows the use of firearms is the RCMP's most common recorded intervention tactic. The report was released as calls mount around the world for fundamental policing reform in the wake of mass protests against police brutality.

A spokesperson for the force said officers respond to roughly 2.8 million calls for service each year and, on average, 2,215 encounters have involved what's known as police intervention — less than one per cent of the total.

"This indicates that approximately 99.9 per cent of RCMP encounters are resolved naturally or successfully de-escalated by officers without the need for police intervention," said Cpl. Caroline Duval in an email.


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