Justin Trudeau says it's time to tackle systemic racism in policing. Here are four ways he could do it

OTTAWA—Another death. Another push for change.

That familiar pattern is playing out again after a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer in New Brunswick fatally shot a Mi’kmaw man named Rodney Levi on Friday night. Police said the man was armed with knives and “charged at officers.”

Levi died just over a week after Chantel Moore, a 26-year-old First Nations woman who was fatally shot at her apartment during a wellness check by local police.

In the midst of a worldwide movement against racism and police brutality, politicians of all stripes in Canada have denounced “systemic” discrimination in the RCMP and other police forces. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pledged changes to address it, including wider use of body cameras worn by police officers to document their interactions with the public.


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