Montreal man comes forward with video of police arresting him in his home

MONTREAL (CityNews) – A young black Montreal man is coming forward with his encounter with alleged police brutality by Montreal police back in April.

“They really scared me seriously and I didn’t want to talk about it. But now with everything happening in the world, I told myself it was the time to talk about it and to show people it is happening everywhere even in Montreal,” said Lloys Chatel.

In an exclusive with CityNews, Lloys Chatel says police showed up at his downtown apartment for a noise complaint.

That complaint quickly turned violent.

“I told them there was no party. And they kept staying there. Like what do you want? And they were like, we need to go in to see what’s happening and I was like you know what come in because I have nothing to hide,” he explained.

Three police officers went inside to find Chatel and his girlfriend.

Chatel then told the officers to get out.


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