Children traumatized after Montreal riot police shoved their pleading mother against car

It was an idyllic Sunday afternoon of picnicking and sunshine in Old Montreal for Natasha Skeete and her family, until they found themselves face to face with riot police, pleading with officers to stop.

Until yesterday, Skeete's daughters believed police were supposed to protect them. Now the two girls are traumatized.

"I'm shocked that the police would do this," 10-year-old Alexus told CBC News. She was still visibly shaken the day after the incident, jumping at sudden noise from a construction site nearby.

"I am still scared. I don't know what to do."

Her nine-year-old sister, Aleah, doesn't see police the same way anymore.

"I thought they were supporting us, but now that I see they're really not. I'm scared of them," she said.


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