Sûreté du Québec bought 169 body cameras three years ago, never used them

The Sûreté du Quebec bought 169 body cameras and 33 dashboard cameras three years ago, and have yet to use them.

According to a contract document obtained by Global News, Quebec’s provincial police bought the cameras in July of 2017, along with cloud storage space to store videos and more. The total cost to taxpayers was $560,403.

In April of 2018, the SQ produced a two-day training program, including PowerPoint presentations and true or false exercises, to teach officers how to operate the cameras as part of a pilot project. The document outlines lesson plans that include how to record, how to stop recording, how to manage the videos, even how to plan court testimony. More than two years later, none of it has been put into action.

Tracy Wing, an Eastern Townships mother whose 17-year-old son Riley Fairholm was shot and killed by the SQ in 2018 while he was in a mental health crisis, expressed disbelief.


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