Coroner criticizes communication before, after fatal police shooting of Pierre Coriolan

When Const. Simon Chrétien responded to 911 calls at the apartment building where Pierre Coriolan lived in the summer of 2017, tenants sitting on their balcony rarely took notice.

But when the Montreal police officer and his five colleagues showed up following a call saying a mentally ill man was trashing his apartment, the mood was different.

“The residents were relieved that we were there,” Chrétien said at a coroner’s inquest investigating the fatal police shooting of Coriolan. “It was like the situation was more intense than usual.”

After pulling up outside the building, Chrétien was ordered to provide backup for Const. Mathieu Girard, who was armed with a Taser.

Coriolan, 58, was screaming incoherently and incessantly as police climbed the stairs to the third floor.


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