Video shows Halifax police violently arresting 15-year-old

A disturbing video taken outside Bedford Place Mall on Friday evening shows the police using force against a 15-year-old Black youth.

The short clip of the confrontation begins with the youth asserting, “I can go inside if I want to.” One of the two officers in the video responds, “You’ll get arrested.” The youth responds, “For what? Speaking my mouth? For speaking?”

As the police advance upon him saying he’s under arrest, the boy yells “Don’t you touch me!” The video goes black as we hear sounds of struggle, and the youth gasp and cough. One of the officers yells “stop resisting,” as the boy asks why he is under arrest.

He was held in the back of the cruiser in handcuffs for 45 minutes, and released without charges. He was taken by his parents to the hospital, and is currently on concussion watch. His mother says his hands were bloody, and his eye is also bruised.


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