'Police, drop your knife!': Sergeant who shot Pierre Coriolan questioned about final moments before his death

The police sergeant who shot twice at Pierre Coriolan told the inquest into the 58-year-old man's death he fired his gun because he believed there was an imminent threat, even though Coriolan was sitting in his apartment when officers approached.

Over the course of two days in a Montreal courtroom filled with lawyers, reporters and civil rights activists, Jimmy-Carl Michon faced repeated questions about the final minutes leading up to the shooting on June 27, 2017.

Coroner Luc Malouin and the Coriolan family's lawyer both asked Michon whether he could have done more to defuse the situation.

Michon said Thursday his priority was to find the suspect, isolate him and get him to drop his weapons — a screwdriver in one hand and a small steak knife in the other.


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