How 'deeply disturbing' police misstep derailed a sexual assault case

Nova Scotia judge throws out charge due to delays after RCMP lose rape kit
Lindsay Jones
Nicole, which is not her real name, said she was sexually assaulted in April 2017, but more than two years later the case was thrown out by a Nova Scotia judge due to delays. (Dave Laughlin/CBC)

When she pulled into the gas station in Granville Ferry, N.S., midmorning on April 21, 2017, he was there waiting, just as he said he'd be, in his two-door red Honda Civic with a spoiler on the back.

Nicole, a 35-year-old single mom, drove up next to Jordan Ellis, a 34-year-old fisherman from the nearby community of Hillsburn. She had recently joined the popular Facebook discussion group Nova Scotia Unfiltered, where she met Ellis, to become more social after leaving an abusive relationship.


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