231 'imperative' changes: The MMIWG inquiry's calls for justice

here are 231 steps that need to be taken by governments and Canadians in order to end the genocide against Indigenous women and girls according to the final report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

The report says these are "Calls for Justice."

"It must be understood that these recommendations, which we frame as 'Calls for Justice,' are legal imperatives – they are not optional," the report reads.

"These Calls for Justice represent important ways to end the genocide and to transform systemic and societal values that have worked to maintain colonial violence."

They're directed at federal, provincial and Indigenous governments to address areas of human and Indigenous rights, culture, health and wellness, security and justice. Other recommendations are directed at industries, institutions, services such as media, health-care providers, educators, police, Correctional Service Canada and those who work in child welfare.



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