'I deserve the truth': Family of slain teen files police ethics complaint

In the months after his son Riley was shot and killed by a Sûreté du Québec officer last summer, a question kept eating away at Larry Fairholm.

Fairholm was at the scene of the shooting that night in Lac-Brome, he remembers trying to push beyond the yellow police tape to find out what happened to 17-year-old Riley.

But even after the information started to trickle through, the most basic questions were left unanswered.

“I wanted to know did he die instantly? Did he writhe on the ground in pain and cry for his mother?” said Fairholm. “Any human being with compassion would say, ‘Your son didn’t suffer.’ Or maybe he did. Whatever the answer is I want the answer. I deserve the truth.”

It would take months of fighting from Fairholm and Riley’s mother Tracy Wing until, in October, an investigator took Wing aside and told her that the young man had been shot once, in the forehead.


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