The City Of Montreal & SPVM Are Now At War With Anonymous

Anonymous, the infamous hacktivist group, has begun a new Montreal-based movement that is a direct response to the actions taken by the SPVM. On January 7th, the Montreal police force bulldozed a homeless camp in Viger Square supposedly set up by Anonymous that was created to shelter itinerants against the extreme cold. Furious with the “heartless” action taken by the SPVM, Anonymous has created the OpSafeWinter movement.

Calling all to occupy Viger Square yesterday, Anonymous has now set up “a sanctuary for the homeless,” where hot meals and other basic services will be provided. Anonymous asks all to #OccupyVigerSquare in order to protect the encampment from potential SPVM raids, or to provide food and supplies if unable to stay for long periods of time.

According to an Anonymous rep that spoke to Global News, and Anon Insider’s post on the initiative, the hacker group “intend[s] to occupy [Viger Square] until the city of Montreal puts in a moratorium on all raids on the homeless from the first of December to the end of February.”

City of Montreal officials told Global that the homeless camp was originally dismantled in order to prompt homeless individuals to find shelter indoors. Regardless, Anonymous saw the City of Montreal and the SPVM’s action as deplorable, and have made an open threat to “attack the cyber infrastructure of the City of Montreal and other entities as [they] see fit.”

Anonymous has posted a video outlining their opinion and the goals of OpSafeWinter,


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