15 mars 2014: le Consulat des USA s'en mêle!

À la veille de la 18e manif contre la brutalité policière à Montréal, le Consulat des USA embarque dans la campagne de peur et invite ses concitoyens à fuir la manif du COBP. Bien conscient de l'arbitraire de la répression politique, ils préviennent même les citoyens étatsuniens qu'ils risquent de se faire arrêter par le SPVM s'ils se tiennent trop près de la manif! Le COBP les remercie de nous faire de la promotion, même s'ils contribuent ainsi également à la campagne de peur du SPVM...

U.S. Consulate General Montreal, Canada
Security Message for U.S. Citizens ¬– Upcoming Protests in Montreal
March 14, 2014

The U.S. Consulate in Montreal alerts U.S. citizens traveling to and
residing in Quebec Province of a demonstration in downtown Montreal on Saturday, March 15, 2014 at 3:00 pm for the Opposition to Police Brutality to observe International Day against Police Brutality. The U.S. Consulate urges U.S. citizens to avoid the area of the demonstration, and to exercise caution if within the vicinity of any protests.

Approximately 500 demonstrators are expected to gather at the corners of Chateaubriand & Jean-Talon East, approximately four blocks east of Marche Jean Talon. The group is expected to proceed downtown via the metro and may congregate at Parc Emilie-Gamelin, near UQAM on Berri and St. Catherine.

This group is expected to be disruptive and arrests could occur. Previous demonstrations from the same group have been violent, causing damage to private businesses and property.

There are no indications that foreigners or U.S. citizens are being
threatened or targeted. Nonetheless, U.S. citizens are advised to remain
alert to local security developments and to be vigilant regarding their
personal security. The local police service, Service de Police de la Ville
de Montreal (SPVM), provides frequent security updates in French and
English via Twitter (@SPVM).

The Department of State strongly urges U.S. citizens to avoid
demonstrations, as bystanders can quickly be caught up in unforeseen
violence and in some cases detained by the local police. If you believe
your security is compromised, call the police at 911. (...)


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