Date de l'événement: 

04 Mars 2016

story begins with my son walking home at about 1 am sunday morning march 3rd 2016 cops had stopped him asking him questions at one point my son refused to answer any more of their questions officer replied that is ok you can go on your way he started heading back home with cigarette in hand cops do a u turn now slowly following my son he felt intimated by the cops following him he flicked the lit cigarette end off his cigarette and put the butt in his pocket police once again stopped my son saying he shot his cigarette on the floor ask him for i.d. at that point my son took off.(sounds like entrapment to me)

Un homme perd la vie lors d'une intervention policière à Saint-Eustache - Man shot and killed by cops in St. Eustache (Revue de presse)


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