‘Unnecessary and excessive’: Peel police officer pleads guilty to assaulting Brampton teen

An officer with Peel Regional Police has been docked pay after pleading guilty to assaulting a 17-year-old boy, leaving him with a broken wrist.

Const. Joel Mazzotta was found to have used “excessive force” during an off-duty incident on June 10, 2016, when he and his fiancée, also a police officer, broke up a fight between several teens.

The incident happened around 11 a.m. when multiple 911 calls reported several youths fighting outside a home on Bartley Bull Parkway.

A Police Services Act disciplinary hearing was told Mazzotta ran toward one of the teens who was seen spitting at two girls involved in a fight, shoved him with two hands and took him to the ground before kneeling on his back and pinning his arms.


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