Men-only RCMP Facebook group crosses line of conduct, say female RCMP members

A new Facebook group purportedly created by and restricted to rank-and-file men from the RCMP contains sexually suggestive material that has raised the ire of female colleagues.

CBC News has seen a number of screen captures of the posts.

One shows a painting of a fictional frontier scene with an RCMP officer in uniform with a burlesque dancer in costume performing what appears to be oral sex on him, although the placement of the officer's hat obscures anything graphic.

Some crude comments followed the post. "Should be in the backseat of a (police cruiser) under a surveillance camera," said one.

Another commenter wondered whether "white shirts" — officers above the rank of staff sergeant — should be allowed into the Facebook group because that might trigger codes of conduct investigations, indicating they knew they were crossing the bounds of appropriate behaviour.


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