Stress, burnout among police in Canada 'pretty terrifying,' researcher says

Experts say police officers across Canada are feeling overloaded, stressed and burned out, prompting a renewed push from the Canadian Police Association (CPA) for "systemic, structural changes" it hopes will improve the culture of policing.

To better understand these issues, the CPA participated in a study that surveyed more than 1,000 officers across Canada. The survey says 35 per cent of them went to work when mentally unwell, while 31 per cent did so when physically ill, which is known as presenteeism.

"If you look at the stress and the burnout levels, they're pretty terrifying because we expect these officers to be resilient and ready, and to be able to deliver under very difficult circumstances," said Linda Duxbury, a professor in management and strategy at Carleton University. She conducted the survey as a part of a larger research project.


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