Families of people killed or injured by Peel police question efficacy of SIU

Families of those killed or injured by Peel Regional Police officers rallied in front of the 11 Division headquarters Friday to urge the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) to lay charges against the officers who shot their relatives.

"When I think of what happened to Jamal, I feel deep sadness and rage," said Latavia Francique, the sister of Jamal Francique, 28, who was shot and killed by Peel police on Jan. 7.

"Jamal's life mattered ... the individual needs to be held accountable," she said.

Francique gathered with several other families and community members at 11 Division to express their outrage and the pain of losing a loved-one while those who shot him continues to work as a police officer.

The group said at the rally they will not stop their calls to justice until the officers involved face charges.


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