Police and protesters clash in violent weekend across Portland, Seattle and California

Protests took a violent turn in several U.S. cities over the weekend, with demonstrators squaring off against federal agents outside a courthouse in Portland, Ore., forcing police in Seattle to retreat into a station house, and setting fire to vehicles in California and Virginia.

A protest against police violence in Austin, Tex., turned deadly when a witness says the driver of a car that drove through a crowd of marchers opened fire on an armed demonstrator who approached the vehicle. And someone was shot and wounded in Aurora, Colo., after a car drove through a protest there, authorities said.

The unrest Saturday and early Sunday stemmed from the weeks of protests over racial injustice and the police treatment of people of colour that flared up after the May 25 death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Floyd, who was Black, died after a white police officer used his knee to pin down Floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes while Floyd, who was handcuffed, begged for air.


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