A young Black man was fatally Tasered in his own backyard - now his family is demanding answers

The family of Clive Mensah wants answers from police after the Black man was hit with a stun gun six times in his Mississauga, Ont., backyard, and later died in hospital. 2:17

In the quiet darkness of an early morning last November, Clive Mensah stepped outside his Toronto-area home for the last time.

Before long, police cruisers descended on the area. Officers rushed into Mensah's backyard, taking him down with a stun gun.

About an hour later, the 30-year-old was dead.

What happened between the moment Mensah left his home and the moment he died is unclear.

For the last eight months, Stephen Boakye has been privately reliving the nightmare of his nephew's final moments.

He and his family have watched with a knowing horror as the stories of Black and Indigenous people and people of colour killed in encounters with police in Canada and the U.S. have made headlines.


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