Could body cameras be coming to some RCMP detachments? It's complicated

On May 5, a 31-year-old man in Clyde River, Nunavut, was killed in an altercation with an RCMP officer.

In the characteristically cryptic language of a police media release, RCMP described it as a "use-of-force situation" and provided few other details. The results of an external investigation by the Ottawa Police Service, typical after serious incidents like this one, won't be known for a while.

But the incident, the latest of a record number of armed confrontations with police in the territory this year, has had impacts beyond the remote community of 1,000 residents.

Amid a growing national conversation on police accountability, the shooting has inspired calls from the territory's MLAs, MP and senator for the introduction of body-worn cameras to RCMP detachments in the territory.


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