RCMP mistakes stroke victim for drunk, leaving him half-paralyzed in jail cell for hours, lawsuit says

Alan Ruel's life changed forever the day he was arrested by RCMP for being drunk in a public place even though he says he hadn't had a drink.

Officers put the Crossfield, Alta., man in a jail cell for more than 18 hours — virtually ignoring his deteriorating condition as he suffered a massive stroke, according to a lawsuit.

RCMP surveillance video from the Airdrie detachment, obtained by Go Public through Ruel's lawyer, recorded the 18 hours and 18 minutes he was in the cell.

It shows in disturbing detail how he repeatedly collapsed, sat slumped in the corner for hours, and was left lying helpless on the concrete floor, half naked, one side of his body twitching while the other side was paralyzed by the stroke.


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