Durham police chief disgusted by 'repulsive' Facebook post shared by ex-officers

Post shows white stick figure officers threatening stick man with brown face
Durham Regional Police Chief Paul Martin fought back tears as he spoke with CBC Toronto about a controversial image shared on a Facebook page created by former members of the force. Martin called the image 'repulsive.' (CBC)

Durham Region's police chief fought back tears on Tuesday as he condemned what he calls a "repulsive" image that was shared on a closed Facebook group of retired officers from the service.

The image, shared on a group called Durham Regional Police Friends and obtained by CBC Toronto, shows two stick figures with white faces wearing police hats and standing over the stick figure of a man with a brown face.

One points a gun at the brown man while pinning him down with his foot, while the other holds a stick and appears poised to strike the man on the ground.

Other stick figures, on either side of the officers, are smiling. "My dad is my hero," reads handwriting above the image.


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