Toronto community shows support for teen after ‘violent’ arrest

Instead of dropping her son off at his first day of high school orientation, Laura Barnaby had to take the 14-year-old to court, charged with possession of marijuana under the age of 18, resisting arrest and assault of an officer.

“The irony in that is sickening,” Barnaby said.

That’s because the mother of two says it was officers who beat up her child during what she has called an “unnecessarily violent arrest” that appears to have been caught on video.

On Aug. 19, Toronto police 31 Division officers were called to the area of Jane and Finch for complaints of loitering and drug use.

When they arrived, police allege Barnaby’s son, who was known to them and cannot be publicly identified due to the Youth Criminal Justice Act, refused to identify himself and that’s when Barnaby said things turned physical.


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