Analysis of police officers' Facebook accounts finds hundreds of violent, racist posts

An analysis of thousands of police officers’ Facebook accounts published by BuzzFeed News and Injustice Watch on Monday found hundreds of violent and racist posts.

The Plain View Project, launched by Philadelphia lawyer Emily Baker-White, examined the accounts of about 2,900 officers from eight departments across the country and an additional 600 retired officers from those same departments, compiling those with troubling content.

BuzzFeed and Injustice Watch analyzed the posts from the project, and pulled out several cases of bigoted, racist and violent content.

Of the pages of officers whom the Plain View researchers could positively identify, about one in five of the current officers, and two out of five of the retired officers, reportedly made public posts or comments with offensive content.

One Philadelphia police officer posted “should have shot him” along with surveillance video of an armed, would-be robber backed out of a liquor store after the clerk pulled a gun on him.


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