Stop The Migrant Prison in Laval: A Workshop and Discussion

Date de l'événement: 

06 Juin 2019

A new prison for migrants is set to be built in Laval, to open in 2021. In this workshop, we will discuss how immigration detention functions in Canada and the government's plans to build this prison. While the government is attempting to spin this project as a more humane way to detain migrants, we call it what it is—a prison—and know that this is simply another attempt to expand on a violent colonial system of imprisonment and deportation, one that keeps people locked in cages while tearing apart families and communities. Indeed, the federal government has announced in the last months that it plans to increase the number of deportations by 30% this year and the CAQ government continues to promote and put in place anti-immigrant, Islamophobic policies, fanning the flames of extreme right racism.

The presentation will be followed by a discussion on what has been done and what we can do to prevent this project from being completed.

This workshop will be presented by a member of solidarity across borders anti-detention committee