Argentines want justice after police car chase leaves 4 dead

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Argentines protested police brutality Friday after officers fired shots that led to the deaths of three teenagers and a young man in a car chase.

Authorities have removed 13 officers from the force and detained seven of them pending an investigation. The case has caused a public uproar that prompted hundreds to stage a march “against the trigger-happy” in Argentina’s capital.

The car with the 22-year-old man and three teens aged 13 to 14 was driving Monday in the town of San Miguel del Monte, about 75 miles (120 kilometres) south of Buenos Aires.

Police said a suspicious car had been reported and the car with the teens failed to stop on police orders. A chase ensued and shots were fired by the police. The car crashed into a truck and the four were killed. Another teenager was seriously injured.


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