Levée de fonds pour les arrêtés suite à l'attaque de la GRC contre le blocage des Mi'kmaq /// Fundraising : defense fund of the Warriors Mi'kmaq Blocage

Fundraising : defense fund of the Warriors Mi'kmaq Blocage -> English below.

Levée de fonds pour les arrêtés suite à l'attaque de la GRC contre le blocage des Mi'kmaq s'opposant à l'exploitation des gaz de shiste

Fanny Aishaa, artiste muraliste et grafitteuse montréalaise, met en vente des reproductions de sa peinture de la célèbre photo d'une résistante se tenant devant la ligne de la GRC lors du raid contre le blocage réalisé par les Mi'kmaq pour s'opposer au projet d'exploitation de gaz de schiste de la compagnie SWN Resources (17 octobre, Elsipogtog, New-Brunswick). Sur demande, Fanny réalisera des reproductions cartonnées (11 par 17) signées au prix de 50$. Pour chaque vente, 20$ sera remis au fonds de défense des arrêtés des Warriors. Pour réserver une reproduction, écrivez à lacanar [a] riseup.net. Merci de nous aider à diffuser !http://montreal.mediacoop.ca/newsrelease/19472

« We need to raise money for our warriors legal fees (defence fund) They are facing numerous charges just for protecting mother earth and also our women, elders & youth. We are struggling to get them out on bail, 3 warriors had their bail hearing, 1 was denied bail & 2 are out on conditions, There are still 3 warriors in jail, their bail hearing is next week. On Nov.1 Coady Stevens trial starts.... »Charmaine Sock. http://www.gofundme.com/4v80u4

Although it was not her initial intention, because of an overwhelming demand, Fanny Aishaa, a Montréal-based mural and graffitti artist, will be selling high-quality reproductions of the now famous photograph of a native land-defender standing her ground in front of a line of RCMP riot cops on October 17, near Rexton, so-called New Brunswick. The photo was taken during a police raid on a blocade erected by Elsipgtog Mi'kmaq to stop shale gas extraction corporation SWN Resources from exploring on their land. Upon request, Fanny will produce and individually sign cardboard mounted prints (11x17) for $50. For each reproduction sold, $20 will be given to the defense fund of the Warriors now facing charges related to the events of October 17. To reserve a reproduction, please write to lacanar [a] riseup.net. Please spread the word! http://montreal.mediacoop.ca/newsrelease/19472

Mi’kmaq anti-fracking update: Two warriors released on bail, four others remain in jail http://warriorpublications.wordpress.com/
SHOWDOWN AT HIGHWAY 134 With some of the only video from behind police lines, subMedia.tv witnessed the brutal raid by the Royal Colonial Mounted Police on the Mi’kmaq blockade of fracking equipment. But the fierce response of the community in defense of the warriors was also captured on camera.http://www.submedia.tv/stimulator/2013/10/20/showdown-at-highway-134/


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